Room 1 - 4 bed Dorm & Common Room

Room 3

 For single travelers on a budget this is for you. Sleeping 4 guests there are twin en suite bathrooms. Top bunks are 90cm and lower bunks 120cm. Each bunk has personal fan, lamp and power socket.  Individual lockers to secure your valuables.

From Rp100,000 per person per night.

Room 2 is our only Air Conditioned room. It contains a queen sized bed (160cms)  

From Rp200,000 per night.

Mimpi Manis

Kuta, Lombok

The 4 Bed Mixed Dorm- Twin Ensuite bathrooms

Room 3

Room 2

Room 2

4 bed Dormitory

Room 3 is our budget room and is fan cooled and with cold water shower. The room contains a queen sized bed (160cm) with mosquito net.  There is a room safe for your security.

From Rp150,000 per night.

Room 1 - Dorm

Room 1 is a two floor house with a 4 bedroom dormitory and terrace upstairs and common room & bathroom downstairs. Each bunk has its own fan, lamp and 3 plug power supply. Lower bunks have a net curtain. There are lockers and a wardrobe in the dormitory. The bathroom has cold water shower. 

From Rp80,000 per night.